Rodeo Bull

Ride the rodeo – buck that bronco

We have a fun selection of rodeo ride attachments to suit any type of party or fun event.  Not for the shy and timid, the first hurdle is to get on the bull and hold on – if you can manage that then you’re off to a flying start, ready to buck like a real cowboy.  If your event is more family fun day than Western then perhaps you might like to meet the bucking sheep, rodeo pig or even the camel – we’ve a real farmyard of bucking animals going on here!

And of course, if your event is a Christmas party, then you’re going to need the rodeo reindeer.  Equally as challenging as the rodeo bull but definitely a lot less macho looking thanks to the Santa Hat.

Ride the rodeo – buck that bronco


From £ 335. Price based on 3 hours staffed hire. VAT & delivery will be added.

Indoor or outdoor use

Crowd Puller

Suitable for Kids & "Grown-ups".

3M x 3M Space Required